True or False.

  1. The origin of the word “golf” comes from the acronym “Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden.”
  2. Before the use of tees it was common for golfers to use a small pile of sand.
  3. A man has won an event on the LPGA Tour.
  4. A woman has won an event on the PGA Tour.
  5. The oldest golf course in the world is The Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrew’s in Scotland.
  6. St. Andrew’s set the standard for number of holes in a round (18) and size of the hole (4.5 inches).
  7. Golf balls travel significantly further on hot days than on cold days.
  8. The word caddie originated from the French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac.
  9. 80% of golfers will never play to a handicap of less than 18.
  10. Golf is the only sport to have ever been played on the moon.